Westchester’s & Fairfields’s Painting Specialists!!

When it comes to house painting and house repairs, you can count on Da Silva Painting and Remodeling.  As a full-service painting contractor in Westchester County, our work begins by helping you select the perfect color, technique, and design for your project, and ends after we clean the project site to look better than we left it.

We will start the project by helping you select the perfect colors.  Our painting specialist will meet with you to discuss  the style of your home, furniture, flooring, window treatments, ect.. After you choose your color preferences, we will order the paint and schedule a time for project commencement.


One of the most important steps of a quality painting project is preparation.   We will prepare the surface to be painted to the highest standards.  This will allow the paint to be applied to an unblemished surface, allowing for maximum paint adhesion and endurance.  Once the surface is properly prepared we will apply the primer and finish coats.

Primer and Finish Coats

DaSilva Painting will start by applying primer to all required areas.  Next we will strategically apply the premium quality finish coats to ensure a uniform finish.  After we inspect the finish coat to make sure it meets our quality standards, we will begin to clean the project area.


We will move all furniture and accessories back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets will be vacuumed and swept. All of our materials will be removed and we will leave you to enjoy your beautiful paint job.

For a no obligation appointment to see how easy it is for DaSilva Painting and Remodeling to get started on your project, simply give us a call at (914) 944-4376 or Contact Us.